Vision and Mission

On June 13th our staff joined together for the fourth time this spring. Part of the meeting was to finalize a Vision and Mission statement for our community. Kim Boettcher, our past Director of Learning Services, facilitated the vision and mission session. Thank you to Mrs. Boettcher for your support in building our new school community! This Vision and Mission will be found on our About page.

MMMCS Vision

At MMMCS, our vision is to create a welcoming community that will provide creative, hands-on learning experiences. Students are empowered to become kind, inclusive, responsible, and curious lifelong learners.

MMMCS Mission 

We are a caring community. We create, we learn, we collaborate!


First Batch of Library Books!

Our very first batch of library books has come in! District Library Media Technicians have started work on cataloguing the library.